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Ford EcoSport to Challenge Market Leaders with its Small Price Tag

By Motortrend India Staff   |   29 March,2013

There has been a shift in Indian automobile market ever since the introduction of cars with new body styles. These cars which are available at affordable prices seem to have created a mood swing for customers. The launch of Duster from Renault has made a lot of changes in the utilitarian and SUV segment. Duster fits between premium hatchback and SUV segment and has a pricing similar to that of a mid-size sedan. This adds an extra option to customers who are looking for cars of these body styles. The launch of EcoSport from Ford is expected to happen in next few weeks. The car may have a base price of Rs. 5.9 lakh. This move is expected to become yet another game changer for Ford, just like the launch of Figo.

Carrying this price tag, the car can easily compete with few compact saloons and premium hatchbacks in Indian market. Being a compact 5-seater SUV the car can also compete with Renault Duster which is currently having a successful run in Indian market. The American automobile manufacturer believes that aggressive pricing would be the key strategy for the success of this vehicle. According to sources, to make up with the low pricing Ford has plans to export a major part of EcoSport cars which are produced in India. The company is planning to export this car to around 50 countries from India.

There have been few aggressive ad campaigns conducted for Ford EcoSport since last few weeks. EcoSport Urban Discoveries and EcoSport Urban Hub are two of these marketing campaigns which have been launched by the auto maker.

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