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Ashok Leyland Launches Vehicles with Self Diagnostic Feature

By Motortrend India Staff   |   03 April,2013

By rolling out the vehicle which can diagnose itself, Ashok Leyland has proven its dedication towards quality and reliability of its products. The new vehicle is On Board Diagnostic (OBD III) compliant and has an engine that follows BS IV norms. The new design is applicable for commercial vehicles with 3.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight and this is done with respect to a new law which has come into enforcement since 1st of April, 2013.

The automobile manufacturer has used some advanced technologies in these vehicles that include Selective Catalytic Reduction technology and Exhaust Gas Recirculation. These techniques improve the efficiency and durability of powerhouse. OBD III complaint vehicles are capable of identifying those problems in the engines which may lead to increase in emissions. When there are such issues with the engine, a Malfunction Indicator Lamp present in the dashboard glows to alert the driver about the issue. By such self diagnostic systems a person can identify problems associated with electronic controls of the powerhouse and repair them quickly so that the problem is not carried forward which may later affect the emissions and finally the life of the engine.

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