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Government Looking to Standardise Emission Norms for Long-Term

By Motortrend India Staff   |   15 April,2013

With continued ambiguity in emission norms in India, the government is now looking forward for a long-term solution to the problem. It has appointed a separate committee which will be responsible for establishing emission norms till 2025. Currently there are two standards followed in the country. While the major metros which are 15 cities of the country follow the BS IV standards, other places follow the BS III standards. Lack of infrastructure to supply similar quality of fuel throughout the country is one primary reason for this difference in emission norms.

Automobile manufacturers are producing vehicles that follow either BS III or BS IV norm. This leads to increase in pollution with rapid increase in vehicle population in metros and comparatively lower standards set in other parts of the country.

The new committee is expected to create a proper path through which country can reduce its pollution levels. The members will be considering fuel supply, demand, infrastructure and logistics in order to arrive at a solution. The committee may also point out challenges faced during the setting up of new norms and may suggest solutions to these standards.

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