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Auto, Taxi Fares Goes Up by 25 Percent

By Motortrend India Staff   |   02 May,2013

The Delhi government has increased the auto and taxi fares by 25 percent. The new fares are likely to come into effect next week.

The base fare will be Rs. 25 for the first two kilometres which is at present Rs. 19 and every subsequent kilometre will be charged Rs. 8 instead of Rs. 6.50. The starting fare of taxi will be the same as that of an auto which is Rs. 5 more than what it is at present and every subsequent kilometre will be charged at Rs. 16 for AC taxis and Rs. 14 for non-AC taxis. The waiting charges are the same for auto rickshaws and taxis. The fare hike will be out on Thursday and will be effective by next week.

"After in-depth consideration of the recommendations of the committee (on review of fare hike), it was decided to allow 25 percent hike in auto and taxi fare. The committee recommended a reasonable hike in the rates. It has also taken into consideration the prevailing rates in other metro cities." said transport minister Ramakant Goswami.

The last fare increase was in 2010. The hike in CNG prices is one of the reasons. The new rates in Delhi are on the lower side as compared to other metros. In Mumbai, the rate per kilometre for autos is Rs. 9.90, in Bengaluru it is Rs. 11, in Ahmedabad it is Rs. 8.5, in Kolkata it is Rs. 12 and in Hyderabad it is Rs. 9.

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