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Mercedes-Benz to Launch New SUV in India

By Motortrend India Staff   |   15 May,2013

Luxury auto maker Mercedes-Benz has hinted the launch of a new entry-level SUV in India. The Indian auto market is seen to have increasingly preferred sports utility vehicles in recent times. Even though SUVs prices fall under the expensive category, increasing demand in this segment suggest consumers love for the luxury segment. This trend has led many auto majors: Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo, to come up with attractive models.

Eberhard H. Kern, managing director and chief executive of Mercedes-Benz India, told on the sidelines of Noida’s first Mercedes-Benz dealership Silver Arrows that the recently unveiled GLA concept could make it to Indian roads. GLA is an entry level Mercedes-Benz SUV. He also added, "The GLA concept which was revealed at the Shanghai auto show recently can come to India to compete in this (entry-level) segment," and could come with a price tag of Rs. 25 lakh.

With the launch of BMW X1 at the end of 2010, the entry-level SUV segment opened up in the Indian auto space. BMW X1 remained quite popular until the launch of Audi Q3 in mid-2012. Both the SUV priced between Rs. 27 – Rs. 33 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi, performed quite well in the domestic market.

Mr. Kern said about the upcoming launch of A Class premium hatchback, that it will target young professionals and women in India. He said, women in India are now more economically independent. "The youth as well as the women in India today are independent and are making decisions on their own. The A Class will surely satisfy their needs," told Kern.

The German auto maker is hopeful that the soon to be launch A Class hatchback will perform well in India.

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