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Expect ISUZU to Takeaway a Share in SUV Market Soon

By Motortrend India Staff   |   07 June,2013

After making its mark in the commercial vehicle segment with its reliable trucks and special vehicles, the Japanese automobile maker, ISUZU is set to make it big in the SUV segment. With soft launch of two of its vehicles namely, the MU-7 and the DMax Pick-Up truck, ISUZU has made an official entry into India’s growing segment of SUVs.

Relying on its strengths which are, diesel engine technology which is evolved in the labs of the company for many decades and the capability in building chassis and basic drivetrain to suit Indian terrains, the company has cracked its way into the market. The MU-7 is a name well known in North America, Europe, Thailand and other parts of the world. In India the car is imported in the beginning which in later stages will be assembled in Oragadam plant near Chennai.

The company has plans to start up new production facilities in Andhra Pradesh for the manufacturing of these two vehicles in future. The production may start off by 2016 and about 100 acres of land will be allocated for the manufacturing facility.

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