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BMW and Toyota Might be Bringing out a Sports Car Soon

By Motortrend India Staff   |   07 June,2013

Nothing can be more exciting than the collaboration of two big names, based in different corners of the globe, to produce one astonishing sports car. BMW in India is known for its luxurious cars and also its sports car wing, the ‘M’. On the other hand, Toyota has made its mark for reliability, fuel efficiency and endurance in the country. The images of these brands around the globe are not very different. These two big names have been working on a sports car project for quite a while now. It is expected that the car will marry the strength of Toyota which is making efficient hybrids and batteries with the strength of BMW which is building sports car. This combination is expected to bring one stunning output that will raise the heartbeats of enthusiasts’ sky high.

Speculations are that the car can be driven either by diesel engine or could use fuel cells or can go with the hybrid technology which uses lithium batteries. The car would be a coupe which would be developed by Mr. Tetsuya Tada jointly with engineering heads from BMW. Mr. Tetsuya Tada is notable for his work on Lexus LFA and Toyota GT86.

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