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Hyundai Builds Fuel Cell Tucson for American and European Markets

By Motortrend India Staff   |   10 June,2013

While vehicles running on fuel cells are relatively new to India, there are many cars that run on this alternate energy in USA and European markets. Recently the South Korean car manufacturer has come out with a plan to fit fuel cells in one of its SUVs. The Tucson is the car from Hyundai which is ready to run on alternate energy source. About 1000 models of this new car are expected to be produced by the brand by 2015. These models will be sold in European market and the American versions might reach their shores by 2016.

These Hyundai Tucson cars will have cells which have an output of 100 kilowatt and have a range of 590 km on full charge. The vehicles can do it to 100 km/h mark from standstill position in 12.5 seconds. Hyundai has designed this vehicle to have a top-speed of 160 km/h which is an impressive figure for an alternate energy sourced SUV. The vehicle also surprises the customer with its silence and the way it drives.

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