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General Motors Aims North East as the Next Emerging Auto Market

By Motortrend India Staff   |   17 June,2013

The general auto market in India is on its downtrend route, but things look different at the North Eastern part of India, with General Motors expecting growth up to 8 percent. General Motors India Vice-President P Balendran told PTI: “North East is an important and emerging growth market for General Motors. In terms of sales, it contributes as much as 32 per cent of the total sales in the Eastern region with Assam contributing a major part of the share.”

The North East region contributes around 3% growth annually, which GM expects to grow up to 8%. The auto maker last year sold 92,435 units in the region. Assam alone contributed about 60% of entire auto sales in the North Eastern India. Balendran commented, "All our models, regardless of the fuel type, have significant demand in the North East. In Assam, diesel and petrol both are accepted well.”

At present, General Motors has 14 sales & service outlets in the NE. And working on its expansion plans in the region, "We have recently opened new showrooms in the cities of Nagaon and Tinsukia. We will shortly open two more new showrooms and service outlets in cities like Tezpur and Jorhat," said Balendran. GM has reported increase sales by 39.83 percent in May 2013.

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