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Famed Student Brand Manager Campaign 2013 Launched by Nissan

By Sunita   |   21 June,2013

Nissan has launched its Student Brand Manager Programme (NSBM) for 4th consecutive year with the launch of 2013 season. The auto maker is targeting 4,000+ registrations with the aim of appointing 30 NSBM for the 6 months. The national winner will be gifted the “Nissan Micra”, as the company plans to make the NSBM platform more rewarding. Nissan is the only auto major in India to come up with such unique programme like NSBM, which enables B-school students to explore and showcase their talent.

NSBM’s success is reflected in its Facebook following which has grown to 1,02,000 this year from just around 1,000 in 2010, when it was first launched. NSBM is now recognised by more than 500 B-Schools across India, including some of the most prestigious like the Indian Institute of management (IIM), FMS (Faculty of Management Studies), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Symbiosis Institute of Business management (SIBM) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Launching the campaign, Mr. Nitish Tipnis, Director Sales & Marketing Hover Automotive India (Nissan India’s NSC) said, “The fact that NSBM programme is entering its fourth consecutive year reflects our commitment to identify and nurture management talent. It also helps us build our brand association with young people in India, who will be tomorrow’s leaders of the corporate world. The programme exposes the students to the auto industry, competition and the Nissan brand. We are also overwhelmed by the Facebook following - it only affirms that NSBM is now an aspiration amongst the B-School students.”

The NSBM 2013 will culminate in the selection of 30 Nissan Student Brand Managers who will receive a grant for six months to help them conceptualise and implement ideas on Nissan brand visibility and impact.

The range of activities will vary from creating unique events of their own from setting up test-drive days at their respective colleges to creating buzz about brand Nissan among the student community. The campaign will be open to management students, including the Eastern region.

Describing his success, Mr. Anuj Nagpal, one of the student brand managers of 2012 said, “The belief of ‘true learning is what you learn on the job’ has firmly stood true as a NSBM. It’s one of those rare opportunities wherein I got to implement distinguished Professor Philip Kotler’s marketing theory into the real world of dynamic competition. Working with Nissan also gives one the desired exposure to stakeholders like dealer partners and prospective customers.”

How to participate:

Stage 1: Online registration, SMS (who am I in 160 characters), and sharing on Facebook

Stage 2: (Elimination round): Video making on 2 scenarios

Stage 3: (Zonal round): 5 zones, 25 students from each zone. Case study to be shared followed by PPT with jury.

Stage 4: (Grand Finale): 30 students. Team agency pitch and reach the car final interview.

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