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Electric Car Market is Expected to Grow in India

By Sunita   |   25 June,2013

Electric vehicles are quite successful and popular in developed auto markets of the world. Now Indian auto consumers too, are slowly accepting electric cars well. In future, electric fueled vehicles will be popular in emerging auto markets like India due to higher fossil fuel prices, increasing pollution, low maintenance cost and support provided by government.

Shifting to electric cars will help reduce environmental pollution and in addition can save billions spent in oil imports every year. Besides the benefits, EV (Electric Vehicles) has few areas to look into – battery life, performance, charge stations, higher government support and ownership pricing, to make the shift to electric auto cars a success.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s E20 has been popular among urban commuters in the last few years. The auto major has recently launched upgraded version of the E20, to address the growing needs of auto buyers in India. The E20 gives a decent mileage of 100 km per full charge. The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 layout depicts the roadmap for electrification of vehicles in India. The mission plans to focus on four major areas - demand generation, research & development (R&D), manufacturing incentives and infrastructure development. With increased government involvement and increasing consciousness among auto buyers, electrification of vehicles is likely to be a great success in India.

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