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HML Signs Memorandum of Agreement with Isuzu Motors India in Chennai

By Sunita   |   01 July,2013

A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between Isuzu Motors India Pvt. Ltd. and Hindustan Motors Limited for contract manufacturing of Isuzu SUVs and pickup trucks at Thiruvallur facility, in India. For producing these vehicles, components will be imported from Thailand by Isuzu Motors and will be assembled at Thiruvallur, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu in HML’s factory.

Mr. Takashi Kikuchi, President, Isuzu Motors India Private Limited, said: “Hindustan Motors Limited and Isuzu Motors have enjoyed good historical relationship, and know each other as business partners very well. The Thiruvallur facility is one of the best automotive manufacturing facilities in India, and can meet the high quality standards of Isuzu Motors.”

Mr. Kikuchi expressed confidence about the growth prospects of the SUV and LCV market in India. He also says, he is very positive about the collaboration with Hindustan Motors and expects better sales operations in the Indian auto market.

Mr.Uttam Bose, Managing Director & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd., flagship of the C K Birla Group, expressed, the collaboration is practical and makes immense business sense as HML’s utilises its spare state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located at Thiruvallur. He also said the collaboration with Isuzu Motors is a strategic move that will keep Hindustan Motors on the growth path.

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