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World Industrial Design Day 2013 Celebrated by Tata Elxsi

By Sunita   |   04 July,2013

Tata Elxsi, celebrated ‘connect D’ – the yearly design event to celebrate World Industrial Design Day (WIDD), at its headquarters in Bangalore. Tata Elxsi, is a well-known design company. ‘Industrial design is open' was the theme for this year which shows the growing recognition of design in various industries and its ability to solve every day problems of brands and companies. Design also enables companies to gain competitive edge.

The connect D brought together students and faculty from reputed schools like NTTF, NICC, IISC and NID. It is a platform that brings academia and industry together and gives students to interact with design experts to gain firsthand knowledge about challenges and prospects faced by designers in present day. The event also featured design workshop, product demos and interaction with Tata Elxsi design team and enables the students to understand nuances of design across industries and service areas.

Speaking on the occasion, Sudhir Dhawan - R&D Director, Reckitt Benckiser said, “Events such as connect D aim to promote awareness of the profession of industrial design and will help to highlight the impact of industrial design on economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life. It also provides a platform to aspiring designers to showcase their creativity and work.”

Winner of the second edition of the IGNITE Design Contest, Fijoy Francis (NTTF) and Arjun Rajkumar S (Ahmedabad), were awarded at the event. Theme of this year for the IGNITE contest ‘Design enriching everyday life’ has been aligned to ICSID (International council of societies of industrial design)’s theme ‘Industrial Design Is Open’.

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