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Car Makers Working on Car-to-X technology to Let Cars Talk

By Amithash Bhatt   |   08 July,2013

A consortium of automobile manufacturers, which includes mainly German companies and few others from around the world, has been working on a unique and interactive car safety system which is intended to reduce the number of accidents and improve fluidity in traffic movement. Safe Intelligent Mobility Testfield, an organization based in Frankfurt, is working on this project which has BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel and Ford as part of the project while Mercedes-Benz leads the activities.

This new technology will be capable of warning the driver of potential dangers on-road, like an approaching motorcycle ahead, which happens well before he/she notices the vehicle. The system is also capable of sensing traffic jams and informs driver about how long it will take to cross a signal, considering speed and density of traffic in signal. To alert the driver during these circumstances, the system uses a large monitor on dashboard which displays warning signals and alarms. Few manufacturers are looking at options like a vibrating steering wheel and giving feedback through accelerator pedals. This makes sure that signals are communicated only to the driver and do not disturb other passengers in the car. Road test for this technology has taken place around the city of Frankfurt and manufacturers are planning to include this equipment in their production cars by 2015 and roll it out in European market.

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