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Stella-World's First Solar-Powered Family Car Introduced

By Sunita Devi   |   09 July,2013

Dutch students from the Netherlands' Eindhoven University of Technology developed world's first solar-powered family car - Stella, with a seating capacity of four persons, which produces electricity as well. Solar cars are nothing new to the auto world but a family solar car definitely is. Earlier solar cars were built with a capacity of a single person. Now enjoying a drive in a solar car along with your family is made possible with the new Stella.

The innovative solar car is made 'energy positive' producing more electricity than the car requires. The car is designed aerodynamically with lightweight materials such as carbon and aluminium. Made fuel efficient Stella is also enabled by a steering wheel that expands and contracts, as per driving requirements.

Stella is developed by the Solar Team Eindhoven - a team of 22 students from six departments, who worked on the project for a year. The new solar car is cost-effective and will be environment friendly means of mobility. Looking at the rapidly depleting fossil fuel and increasing energy demand Stella could be an answer if works successfully as a full-fledged car. Introducing such innovative ideas in the auto field can take personal mobility to the next level.

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