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Delhi Public Transport System May Soon See Electric Vehicles

By Sunita Devi   |   10 July,2013

Electric vehicles could soon become a means of public transport system in Delhi. This move aims at reducing ever rising fossil fuel prices and increasing environmental pollution. Prime Minister of India endorsed the launch of pilot projects for public mobility of hybrid and electric-powered vehicles - 3-wheeler, buses and mini-buses in Delhi. The trend is soon to be followed by other metros in India. This decision is taken at a meeting of the High Level Committee on Manufacturing.

Delhi will be the first and might see the launch of the pilot project next month. Pilot projects would be implemented by city special purposes vehicles to set up for the purpose. Special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity made to fulfill specific objectives. An Inter-Ministerial Group including Chief Secretary of Delhi would work out implementation modalities in four weeks for the project.

The Indian government has made this environment friendly move to tackle rising fuel cost and to create a public mobility system free of pollution. As a nation, India has great potential to become world's manufacturing hub for hybrid and electric cars.

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