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Watch Datsun———s Global Comeback Live Webcast at Motor Trend India

By Amithash Bhatt   |   15 July,2013

Get glimpse of the exclusive Datsun’s comeback launch video at our site www.motortrend.in. Datsun, the brand of Nissan which saw its last in the 80s, is all set to make its global comeback through the launch of one of its hatchbacks in Indian market. Through this launch the company has plans to start off a new era of building low-price automobiles for developing markets like India, Russia and Indonesia. Datsun was a popular brand of Nissan which had automobiles sold in different parts of the world. The brand name was phased off during the 80s when Datsun badges were removed from cars in 1984. The new hatchback will be giving life to this brand and Nissan hopes that this move will increase their market presence in India.

Not many details of the small car is available, however, it is known that this product is built for the entry-level market where low pricing plays a major role in success of the product. One can expect great fuel-economy and just enough space in the cabin from this small car. Industry experts also speculate that Nissan may introduce the bench type seats for the front which is a design seen in automobile which are decades old.

Check out the complete details of the new Datsun in live video streaming at our website. Click here to watch.

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