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Honda Mini-Van Codenamed ——— 2NH Unveiled in Indonesia

By Sunita Devi   |   19 July,2013

Honda’s new mini-van codenamed as 2NH sketches has been unveiled in Indonesia. The mini-van is built with low slung roofline and longer wheelbase and known as LMPV (low MPV). Indonesia is well-known for producing MPV in Asia. The new Brio based LMPV will too be manufactured and hit the Indonesian shores first. Indian auto experts, enthusiasts and consumers can expect the 2NH Low MPV in next year’s Auto Expo, January, 2014 and the vehicle may hit the Indian market by mid-year of 2014.

Designed aggressively, the Brio based mini-van carries attractive fascia, strong built body and performance based complete package. The new Low MPV is likely to feature a dashboard derived from current Honda Brio. Besides, built comfortable and spacious with decent upholstery in its interior, the mini-van will feature larger luggage room even when the entire three rows are occupied by onboard passengers.

Under its hood, the mini-van boast of 1500 cc motor which throws power at 100 bhp. The 2NH is likely to use an upgraded version of Honda city’s 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine and a powerful diesel engine with promises to deliver immense performance on the move. This Brio based mini-van with greater seating capacity may attract attention from larger families and can be used for other commercial purposes. However, the deciding factor of the vehicle’s success in India will depend on its ability to deliver value for money mobility proposition.

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