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Super Stallion from Ashok Leyland to Serve Indian Army

By Amithash Bhatt   |   22 July,2013

One of the largest commercial vehicle producers of India, Ashok Leyland had unveiled 8X8 Super Stallion back in March, 2013. The company has expressed its views about creation of this new product, stating that it intended this truck to play a bigger role compared to 6X6 Stallion. Ashok Leyland has created the Super Stallion platform to be used in Indian defence. The company also has ideas to export this product to other markets.

Being 8X8 HMV High Mobility Vehicle, the Super Stallion is specially designed to take on desert terrains with ease. It is loaded with a 360 bhp Neptune engine which is capable of producing a massive 1400 Nm of torque. The truck has high ground clearance and is equipped with Central Tyre Inflation System which lets the truck inflate or deflate tyres while in motion. The vehicle can be offered with different types of transmission systems based on type of application it will be used for in Indian army. Mounted Gun system and Field Artillery Tractor are some applications in which this new vehicle stands suitable.

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