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Tata Motors Announced the Launch of ———Tata Motors Service———

By Sunita Devi   |   26 July,2013

As part of the HORIZONEXT strategy, Tata Motors announced the launch of ‘Tata Motors Service’. Mr. Ranjit Yadav, President -- Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors said: “Through ‘Tata Motors Service’, we pledge to bring the best-in-class vehicle after-sales service experience for our discerning customers. As a part of our even greater focus on customer delight in our HORIZONEXT strategy, these service initiatives harness technology, our network and customer insights to take customer service to a higher level of customer satisfaction. With these initiative, we are harnessing our over 800 technology backed sales outlets and customer insights to take our customer engagements to the next level”.

‘Tata Motors Service’ will rests on three core customer-desired service promises – Responsive (speedy assistance through 5 Responsive Service offerings), Service with Unmatched Reliability (Quality service will be delivered across all Tata service stations staffed with 20,000 technicians, 20,000 staff, workshop supervisors, and front office staff have been trained by Tata Motors. Two service offerings are available under this promise), and Best Value (Best quality product which gives value for longer period. There are four offerings).

Tata Motors Service introduces ‘Vehicle Tracking and Bay Scheduling’ (V-TABS), to provide live information about the location and status of vehicles while at the dealer workshop. Tata Motors simultaneously announced new processes to increase its efficiency in service delivery with a Dealer Certification programme, ‘Delivering Delight’ which will help upgrade the workshop quality at dealerships. This process is being piloted in Concorde Motors workshops at Mumbai and Pune.

The company today rolled-out 11 distinctive service offerings, under the three brand promises of Responsive, Reliable and Best Value Service across the company’s nationwide service network of over 800 Service centres, spread across 500 cities and towns. Key Service Promises and offerings are – Responsive Service (Doorstep Service, Online Service, Speed-O-Service, Quick Repairs and 24X7 On-road assistance program. Service with Unmatched Reliability (Quality Service and Diagnostic Expert) and Best Value (Rapid Repair, Value Care, Tata Motors Original Parts and Extended Warranty.

Explaining the above service offerings, Mr. Dinesh Bhasin, Head (Customer Support), Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors said: “We want our Service to make the difference in the passenger car market and with this in mind, we have taken efforts to provide world-class customer experience to our esteemed customers.”

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