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ISRO and Tata Motors Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

By Amithash Bhatt   |   31 July,2013

Indian Space Research Organisation and Tata Motors have combined to come out with the first hydrogen fuel cell powered bus in India. This bus is demonstrated at Liquid Propulsion System Centre at Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu. It is a CNG powered bus which has bottles carrying hydrogen at high pressure. These bottles are fitted on top of the vehicle. The strength of Indian Space Research Organisation in hydrogen fuel cell technology comes from its expertise in storing, handing and producing the gas. Tata Motors Limited and ISRO have come out with a MoU in 2006 to develop this alternate power vehicle.

A technical team led by Mr. V Gnana Gandhi, the honorary advisor of ISRO worked on this project. The development of this vehicle which is powered by alternative energy is a leap in Indian auto industry since there is zero emission from this new vehicle and it uses hydrogen which is available in abundance in nature. The technical team has also focused much on safety of the machine since hydrogen is a highly inflammable fuel. Government of India has shown special interest in development of fuel cell buses to reduce import of petroleum and to come out with alternate energy powered vehicles.

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