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Continental One-Channel ABS for Motorcycles and Scooters in India

By Amithash Bhatt   |   02 August,2013

Anti-lock Braking System is considered as an important safety feature and is mostly found in cars. Although it is available only in few high-end motorcycles, common motorcyclists in the country are not very aware about these systems and their benefits. Continental – an automotive component manufacturer has come out with a new product to change this scenario across the globe. The company has developed a one-channel ABS which can be used for disc brakes of a scooter or a motorcycle. According to the company, this system has the potential to avoid motorcycle/scooter accidents and save many lives during such accidents.

One-channel ABS weighs just 420 grams and it is just 300 cubic centimetre in dimension, so that it can easily fit over the front wheels of a two-wheeler. The system has a sensor to continuously monitor the behaviour of front wheel and when the rider applies brake, ABS makes sure that wheels are not locked due to brake force. This gives better control to rider during high-speed braking or during panic braking.

Mr. Murali Srinivasan, Managing Director of Continental Automotive Brake Systems India spoke about the one-channel ABS and said, “In line with our Motto, ‘Safety for Everyone’, we want to make the one-channel ABS available to all road users and offer motorcyclists a significant safety gain.”

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