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Audi Launches its new line-up of Sports Cars at Delhi Couture Week

By   |   05 August,2013

Audi has come a long way in India and has very much earned its place at the top of the closely fought luxury automobile segment. Part of the reason for its success is its aggressive product launch strategy as it constantly brings something new to the market. While it continues to enjoy success with its sedan and SUV range, it also dominates the sportscar segment in India.

Products like the R8 and RS5 are the leaders in the niche sportscar market and now with launching its new sports car range, it seems the good times will continue for this luxury car giant in India.

Plus rather fittingly Audi chose the Delhi Couture Week for the launch. The Audi R8 V10 Plus, Audi RS 5, Audi S6 and Audi TT models were unveiled at the ongoing Delhi Couture Week 2013 with actress Freida Pinto adding jazz to the ramp.

"Audi has a strong connection and competence in style and design worldwide...Our new sporty line as a part of the Audi 2014 autumn collection not only underlines our extraordinary expertise in design and lifestyle, but also clearly establishes us as a performance leader," Audi India head Michael Perschke said.

According to Perschke, the Delhi-NCR region has the maximum number of buyers of the brand in India. Asked about annual sales and business turnover, Perschke said: “There has been an increment in the sale of Audi over all these years mainly because Audi meets the demands of the buyers. The annual turnover was Rs 9,000 crore to Rs10,500 crore.”

In other news prices of Audi cars have been increased as a result of depreciating rupee and rise in input costs. The price of the Audi A6 has gone up by Rs1,80,000, while that of Audi Q5 by Rs 1,52,000 and Audi R8 by Rs 4,42,000.

Explaining the hike, Perschke said, “Yes, we have increased the prices by two to three percent because of the increase in foreign exchange rate and rupee depreciation.”

Asked about the competition with other luxury cars, Perschke said: "Our motto is to provide the best of services and luxury to the buyers. Each vehicle is designed with innovative technology and differs from each other in terms of features and service."

In the future Audi plans to launch its A3 sedan which as the name suggests will slot below the A4 and that will surely heat things up in the entry level luxury segment in India. Mind you unlike rivals BMW and Mercedes, Audi has no plans to enter the luxury hatchback segment and instead it has a cut-price Q3 variant which will bing in even more sales.

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