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Rolls-Royce Wraith launching soon in India

By   |   09 August,2013

Rolls-Royce has been doing very well all over the world with the Ghost being the star here. Of course while the bigger and even more luxurious Phantom still continues to the flagship it is the Ghost that has been tremendously successful for this niche luxury brand. As expected markets like China have been very important and also here in India the Ghost has done well.

Now Rolls-Royce is getting ready to launch the Wraith in India. The Wraith to put it simply is the sportiest of all the current Rolls-Royces and is the coupe version of the Ghost luxury sedan. There is no doubt that the Wraith looks stunning as it’s lower and wider than the Ghost thus giving it an aggressive stance. The 'fastback' styling in particular looks very attractive. Inside you get un-rivaled quality and craftsmanship which makes it an utter joy to spend time in.

However to us the real deal lies under that sculpted hood as you get a twin-turbo V12 producing a colossal 624 bhp. Yes, this luxury coupe can give many supercars a bloody nose. With so much on offer the price will of course be sky high- even more than the Ghost but somehow it feels worth it.  

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