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Segway PT (i2 and x2) Now Available in India

By Sunita Devi   |   09 August,2013

Bird Group has launched Segway Personal Transporters in India. Segway’s eco-friendly mode of mobility has given a whole new meaning to personal mode of transportation in India. Built with unique gyroscope technology and lean steer riding way, the two-wheeler is one of the efficient modes of transportation for larger walking distances – beaches, farm houses, parks or rough terrains.

Two Segway PT models – i2 and x2, are available for Indian customers. Lightweight and efficient, the Segway PT models can cover up to 38 km (i2) and 19 km (x2) . The i2 weighs just 47.7 kg and the x2 54.4 kg with maximum footprint of 48 cm x 63 cm (i2) and 67 cm x 84 cm (x2). Delivering decent speed, both the i2 and x2 model comes with maximum speed of 20 km/h.

Invented by Dean Kamen, Segway PT is a self-balancing two-wheeler electric vehicle powered by batteries. The name ‘Segway’ is the homophone of the word ‘segue’ which means ‘smooth transition’. And PT stands for ‘personal transporter’. The Segway PTs is a cool looking two-wheeler which is easy to balance or change directions and are already in use in countries like – Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, Germany etc. Segway PT’s introduction in India will make travelling short distances more fun and exciting.

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