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New Audi Q3 S ——— Can You Guess it———s Price?

By Amithash Bhatt   |   16 August,2013

The German luxury car maker, Audi, is having a good run in Indian market. The company has been busy with a series of car launches during the year. Now Audi is all set to roll out Q3 S model which will be one of the lowest priced SUVs from the company. The launch is expected to take place on 19th of August and like its German rivals Audi has decided to use aggressive marketing strategies for this new automobile.

Consumers fancied by German engineering and the fans who love the luxuriousness of Audi cars can be a part of the launch event. Audi has set a contest on its website where people can guess the price of Q3 S and get a chance to visit launch party. The participants who guess the right price or the closest price get this opportunity of fully paid trip. Selected five winners will be gifted with Audi merchandise. This contest has raised the buzz about Q3 S among Audi fans.

Audi Q3 S which will be one of the cheapest SUVs from the German auto major and will have features like Voice Dialogue System, Cruise Control and Electronic Stabilisation System. Boasting off Audi characteristics with the single frame grille, the SUV will also feature style package which upholds its off-roading abilities.

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