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Global Wholesales for Tata Motors Group Stood at 87,566 in July

By Sunita Devi   |   16 August,2013

Tata Motors Group including Jaguar Land Rover, global wholesales stood at 87,566 units in July 2013. The cumulative wholesales for the Tata Motors Group this fiscal were 3,35,067 units. In the commercial vehicles segment, the global wholesales of Tata Daewoo, Tata and the Tata Hispano Carrocera range were 40,882 numbers in total. And cumulative commercial vehicles wholesales for the fiscal were 1,61,088 units. Tata global passenger vehicles in July 2013 was 46,684 and cumulative wholesales for the fiscal were 1,73,979 numbers.

In July 2013, the global wholesales figure for Tata passenger vehicles was 11,522 units and cumulative wholesales for the fiscal were 48,197 units. Jaguar Land Rover global wholesales stood at 35,162 units of vehicles. Jaguar wholesales figure for July stood at 7,174 units and cumulative wholesales at 25,751 vehicles. Land Rover wholesales for July was 27,988 vehicles and cumulative wholesales were 1,00,031 vehicles. The cumulative wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal stood at 1,25,782 vehicles.

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