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Nissan Terrano SUV caught totally undisguised

By   |   19 August,2013

These days keeping a secret is very tough for the car-makers. Long before the use of social media or even the widespread use of the internet, manufacturers could keep their new launch a top-secret and it would remain that way. Not anymore.

What you see here are the images of the Nissan Terrano which is due to be officially revealed tomorrow. Till now camouflaged images of various test cars have been floating around the web but now for the first time we can see how this new SUV looks. Now it’s no secret that like earlier Nissan/Renault products the Terrano is a Nissan version of the Duster but thankfully the differences are bigger this time than the Pulse/Micra. From the pictures you can see that the front is completely different and dare we say even better looking than the Duster! The grille and headlight are all similar to other Nissan SUV's sold all over the world namely the Pathfinder.

While the side view remains the same the cool alloys are a marked change over the Duster. Head to the rear and the differences are less this time around with the biggest change being the new tail-lamps. Inside it will be similar to the Duster's cabin but with some subtle changes thrown in and underneath the hood the Terrano will also sport the tried and tested 1.5 litre k9k diesel.

When it comes to pricing the Terrano will be slightly more expensive than the Duster which will be interesting to see because the arrival of the much-cheaper Ford EcoSport has changed the marketplace and it remains to be seen how the Duster sales will also be affected.


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