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  • Scirocco R-Cup 2013-Sandeep Kumar Bags Mixed Results at the Ring in Races 5 and 6
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Scirocco R-Cup 2013-Sandeep Kumar Bags Mixed Results at the Ring in Races 5 and 6

By Sunita Devi   |   19 August,2013

South African drivers topping the list won the first and the second place - Kelvin van der Linde and Jordan Lee Pepper, at Scirocco R-Cup 2013 during Race 5 at Nurburgring. Meanwhile, Sandeep Kumar secured the 8th place in Race 5, in the Junior Category (12th overall) and finishing at 12th place in Race 6, in the Junior Category (16th overall).

Scirocco R-Cup 2013 moved to Nurburgring for Races 5 and 6 of the 2013 season. Sandeep after qualifying in the 11th spot on the grid for Race 5, has dropped down to 14th on lap 1 and then to 15th on lap 2. And he made a comeback by lap 7, getting into the 12th position. On the other hand, German driver Lukas Schreier, left the track on the same lap, after a failed overtaking manoeuvre against Luca Rettenbacher. At that point, Sandeep was running 12th overall and 8th in Junior Category and that was considered as final result (which happened to be the best so far in the season). At the front, Kelvin van der Linde continued his top form and clinched his fourth consecutive victory of the season. Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky from Sweden took the 2nd spot while Kasper Jensen from Denmark occupied the 3rd position.

Jordan Lee Pepper, a Junior Category driver tops the Race 6 from start to finish. With his first victory of the season, Jordan now stands 2nd overall and on top of the Junior Category championship table. From Germany, Manuel Fahnauer crossed the finish line in 2nd place while Kasper Jensen made steady progress and reach the finishing spot at 7th place. Sandeep Kumar performance in Race 6 starting at 12th position, moved up to 10th position by the end of lap 2. However, in the next lap he was push into 13th spot and then into 14th position on the lap 4 and finished the race in the 16th place.

After Races 5 and 6, Kelvin holds the top place with 228 points, followed by Jordan in the second place with 168 points and Manuel Fahnauer with 152 points in the third place. On the other hand, Sandeep Kumar completed the Races with 64 points at 16th position and with 95 points at 11th place in the Junior Category. The Scirocco R-Cup will now move to Oschersleben for Race 7 and 8 from 13th to 15th September.

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