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Nissan unveils its new Terrano SUV

By   |   20 August,2013

After all that waiting the much-awaited Nissan Terrano has just been unveiled. This is what Nissan thinks will bring in more sales and it is right as the SUV segment is growing and with the huge success of the Renault Duster and then the Ford EcoSport the Terrano seems to have all the right ingredients.

As we have earlier said the differences are bigger this time than other Renault/Nissan offerings ( like the Pulse/Micra). From the pictures you can see that the front is completely different and more aggressive looking than the Duster! The grille and headlight are all similar to the Pathfinder SUV and looks very neat.

While the side view remains the same the cool alloys are a marked change over the Duster. Head to the rear and the differences are less this time around with the biggest change being the new tail-lamps. Overall the best surely is the front-end.

Now what has also been revealed are the interior’s. The changes seem to work here and make the cabin more premium looking than the one in the Duster. In the Nissan Terrano you get a different steering wheel, new air-con vents (with chrome surrounds no less) plus a new music system. Surely this is a plusher cabin compared to the Duster.

The engine options are also shared with the Duster and that is no bad thing especially with the diesel's on offer. On first look the Nissan Terrano is an impressive product and if you like it you can buy one in October.

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