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Range Rover Evoque gets a facelift

By Sunita Devi   |   20 August,2013

The Range Rover Evoque is one of the best vehicles produced by Land Rover, is now making a further leap forward with the introduction of a whole new range of technologies. These enhancements are to reduce CO2 emissions by 9.5 percent and lower fuel consumption by 11.4 percent (depending on model), will bring a range of new convenience, connectivity and comfort features. Automotive buyers who are ordering vehicles from the 2014 range will get benefit from the newly added features including - new driveline technologies, a new 9-speed automatic transmission, detail design enhancements inside & out and seven new driver assistance features.

Unveiled for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the ZF-9HP (automatic transmission) is among the world’s first 9-speed units fitted to a passenger car. The new transmission has an ultra-fast response time described as "below the threshold of perception’ by ZF, and an adaptive shift programme matching quickly any driving style. It also delivers enhanced performance, greater comfort, reduced emissions and improved economy.

Active Driveline (available as an option), is the world's first 'on demand' four-wheel drive system which enhances agility and improves fuel efficiency by operating in front-wheel drive (only during steady-state driving) above 22 mph speeds. It also features Active Torque Biasing with electronic-Diff (e-Diff) technology to distribute torque between the rear wheels, stability and optimising traction. The Active Driveline will be initially available on the Si4 (petrol) engine.

The Range Rover Evoque 2014’s driver assistance capabilities are significantly improved by the introduction of features including - Perpendicular Park (to position the car centrally in parking bays), Park Exit (to automatically exit parallel parking bays), Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection (to warn drivers of oncoming traffic), Lane Departure Warning, Wade Sensing and Traffic Sign Recognition.

Available as an option, the brand new Land Rover InControlTM connected car system, incorporates two new features - InControlTM Secure and InControlTM Remote. The InControlTM Remote feature allows owners to trigger an SOS Emergency Call (automatically informs the emergency services of the vehicle’s position in the event of an accident). There is a second button which connects to Land Rover Assistance if the need for technical assistance arises. The Land Rover InControlTM Secure easily tracks the vehicle in the event of a theft using advance tracking technology.

Land Rover Global Brand Director, John Edwards said: "With global sales of more than 170,000 vehicles in just 18 months, the Range Rover Evoque has proven to be hugely successful and the 2014 model is destined to have even greater appeal. We are thrilled to be moving the Evoque on to the next stage and believe the exciting new driveline technology, driver safety and convenience features plus the Land Rover InControlTM connectivity capability (using advanced mobile technology to keep owners connected with their vehicle, their world and Land Rover services), make the 2014 Evoque an unbeatable choice for customers seeking the ultimate in compact SUV vehicles."

There will also be changes in details of the Evoque's exterior, four new alloy wheel styles, colour options for the interior and a new style of Land Rover badge - on the grille, tailgate and wheel centres. The 2014 Evoque will be powered by Rover's range of lightweight and economical 4-cylinder engines with a choice of either - 2.2 diesel 148 bhp engine, 2.2 diesel 187.4 bhp engine or 2.0 Petrol 236.7 bhp engine.

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