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Toyota Launches Camry Hybrid at Rs 29.75 lakh

By Amithash Bhatt   |   28 August,2013

Few weeks ago we had reported about the expected launch of the hybrid version of Toyota’s luxury sedan, the Camry. The company has officially launched this interesting automobile today at a starting price of Rs. 29.75 lakh. Blending power, personality, comfort and being environmentally brilliant, this new hybrid makes up for the needs of conscious consumers.

The powertrain for Camry Hybrid comprises of 2.5L petrol engine which gives out 157.8 bhp and a motor which generates 141 bhp. With the motor being powered by Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, the combined output for hybrid system comes up to 202.2 bhp.

The drivetrain further has an electronically controlled CVT which enhances the performance and provides better mileage. To distinguish this model as hybrid, Toyota has designed a new grille which has the company logo in Blue coloured outline.

With alloy wheels and LED headlamps, this luxury sedan looks classy as its petrol sibling. There is a specially designed instrument console for the new car which gives information about hybrid system. We think it makes more sense than the regular petrol only Camry.

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