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Jaguar to Unveil C-X17 Concept at Frankfurt

By   |   02 September,2013

Yes! The Jaguar SUV is here, well, almost. You see this is the C-X17 Concept Study which means there is still some time away for it to be on sale but we are excited no less. The first teaser image released typically does not reveal much but from whatever we can see the C-X17 is a five-door crossover with Jaguar design details all over it.

The one major detail that we can see is the F-Type like tail-lamps but we are betting that just like the F-Type the C-X17 will be a stylish and modern take on what a Jag should be.

One thing is for sure that it will be light as it will have Jaguar's new, highly-advanced, modular aluminium architecture.

It will be revealed on 9th September at a pre-show reveal with a press conference at the Franfurt Show on 10th September. Can't wait.

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