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More powerful Porsche Panamera Diesel revealed before Frankfurt debut

By   |   02 September,2013

The Panamera along with the Cayenne have been hugely successful for the brand and part of the reason also has been the introduction of diesel variants into the range which is important. The new facelifted Panamera now has a more powerful diesel engine courtesy of a 300 bhp three litre six-cylinder unit.

The facelifted Panamera in diesel form now has 50 bhp more than before and now does 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds while the top speed has been increased to 259 km/h compared to the 244 km/h achieved by the previous model. We do not know whether any lucky Panamera buyer in India will try that out but there is no doubt that the Panamera diesel is quite fast.

Being a diesel efficiency is important and yes that also includes the Panamera diesel. Now there is a longer gear ratio for the rear axle, meaning the Panamera Diesel uses a lower engine speed to achieve the required vehicle speed which lowers fuel consumption. Porsche also says that gears one to four of the eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission have been designed with a shorter gear ratio.

All in all the Panamera with its still-controversial exterior and exquisite interior offers a brilliant luxury/performance combo and the more powerful diesel only adds to the all-rounder appeal of this Porsche. The Panamera Diesel with the new engine will be available on the market from January 2014 onwards.

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