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Renault Sales Increased Over Four Times During January-August 2013

By Amithash Bhatt   |   03 September,2013

Amidst a tough market scenario if there is any company who is performing the best when compared to previous year it has to be the French car maker Renault. The company which sold 3733 units during August 2013 has registered a hike of more than 400 percent during January-August 2013 when compared to same period of previous year. The sales output of Renault during this period of current year is 45,986 units which is more than four folds higher than its sales during same period of 2012 which was 10,139 units. Meanwhile Duster has continued with its forerunner position in Renault portfolio and has achieved sales hike of 38 percent during 2013 for the period July-August as compared to the SUVs sales of same term in 2012.

Mr. Sumit Sawhney, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Renault India Pvt. Ltd. spoke about the growth in sales and said, “Macroeconomic factors such as inflation, rising interest rates, increasing fuel prices, unstable stock market and the devaluation of the Rupee have been keenly felt in the Indian automobile industry, resulting in decreasing consumer demand and an overall de-growth of 9% so far this year. In this challenging environment, Renault’s brand continues to be associated with performance and reliability among customers, allowing us to grow strongly in the market - a trend we will endeavor to sustain in the future.”

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