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Audi Nanuk quattro concept at Frankfurt

By   |   10 September,2013

The big reveals have started and this cool new concept from Audi really takes centre stage. The nanuk quattro concept is sort of an off-roady sportscar with bulging muscles. Developed in collaboration with the designers from Italdesign Giugiaro this two-seater is powered by a 544 bhp V10 TDI also producing an incredible 1,000 Nm of torque to the crankshaft from just 1,500 rpm. 

The Audi nanuk quattro concept looks fantastic and unlike any other Audi that you have seen before. Details like the new Audi Matrix LED technology and huge air inlets give this loads of aggression. The side blades like in the R8 feed air into the massive engine. The wide body design with two doors and finished with massive 22-inch wheels sort of gels together. The ground clearance of the Audi nanuk quattro concept is adjustable to either 30 millimeters lower or 40 millimeters (1.57 in) higher.

Is this the coolest car of the Franfurt Motor Show? Till now, yes.

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