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Mercedes Concept S-Class Coupe Revealed at Frankfurt

By   |   10 September,2013

The big new Concept S-Class Coupe is the new CL and it looks sleeker compared to the S-Class saloon. This big coupe will compete with the new Bentley GT and others in luxury performance segment.

The Concept S-Class Coupe sure has a lot of presence with its long bonnet, high beltline and those massive 21-inch wheels. It is lower and sits for a much more aggressive look than the saloon with a wheelbase of 2945 mm, length of 5050 mm, width of 1958 mm and height of 1409 mm. The side is particularly muscular with a strong character line at the side. As usual you have LED's at the front and at the back with 'diamond-look' headlamps and tail-lamps.

The inetrior is a bit like the new S-Class sedan but much more sporty. There is aluminium used and the huge 12.3-inch screens are from the new S-Class. They have an aspect ratio of 8:3. In the Concept S-Class Coupe they are fully glazed colour displays.A touch screen showing four world clocks is located on the centre console.

The driver can choose which clocks to display. Further cool touches include central command unit on the centre console which has a"black diamond" surface where the metal reacts with the surface to form a layer that is highly scratch-resistant.

Being a Merc the tech fest continues with Concept S-Class Coupé having the "Intelligent Drive" technology from Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to two "camera eyes" the stereo camera can get a three-dimensional view of the area up to about 50 metres in front of the vehicle, and as "6DVision" can detect the position and movement of objects. It has also road surface scan and magic body control.

The concept has a V8 Biturbo engine which 455 bhp and a torque output of 700 Nm.

The Concept S-Class Coupe looks great and will compete head-on with the Bentley GT, Aston DB9 and others.

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