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Suzuki iV-4 New Compact SUV Concept revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

By   |   10 September,2013

The compact SUV segment seems to be getting more interesting day by day and latest is the Suzuki iV-4. In the name “i” stands for “individuality”, “V” for “vehicle”, and “4” for “4 wheel-drive”. The design is muscular and it seems to pack quite a punch despite the compact dimensions (Overall length 4,215 mm, Overall width 1,850 mm, Overall height 1,665 mm and Wheelbase 2,500 mm).

The design details includes five-slotted front grille, character lines on the sides and fog light with built-in laser sensor on the roof.

The production version will come with ALLGRIP which is 4WD technology and will launch in 2015.

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