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Ford Announces Recall of 1.66 Lakh Units of Figo and Fiesta Classics

By Sunita Devi   |   16 September,2013

Ford India has announced the recall for its Figo and Fiesta Classic to address potential issues related to power assisted steering (PAS) and rear twist beam (RTB). The auto maker will be replacing the rear twist beam for all Fiesta Classics and Figos if found faulty, which were manufactured and sold between January, 2011 and June, 2012. Defective rear twist beam can produce abnormal noise from the Ford models in the rear while the car is in move. If the issue is prolonged, it can result in a breakdown.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure long-term durability of the vehicle, the auto maker will replace power steering hose for all Fiesta Classics and Figos, manufactured between January-August, 2010 and March-November, 2011.

There may be probable oil leak, if found issue with the power steering hose which may cause fire hazard in future. Ford Motors have recalled a total of 1,66,021 units, out of which 1,09,469 units are Ford Figo and 22,453 units are Ford Fiesta Classics, which will be inspected for faulty rear twist beam. And 30,681 units of Figo and 3,418 units of Fiesta Classic will replaced their power steering hose.

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