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BMW starts series production of the i3 electric car in Leipzig

By   |   20 September,2013

The BMW i3 and especially the i8 were the stars of the Frankfurt Motor Show and now latest news is that BMW has started series production of the i3 electric car in Leipzig. Touted as the 'The world’s first premium electric vehicle' the i3 uses new and lightweight materials in its construction.

For starters it uses carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and it is for the first time that it has been used in volume production. The use of lightweight materials in the build meeans that it off-sets the extra weight of the batteries and electric drive system. Impressive indeed.

While the i3 may not be coming here the first BMW i3 off the line has been recruited as the lead car for the International Berlin Marathon on 29 September and was handed over to German marathon runner Jan Fitschen. Deliveries of the BMW i3 to customers in Germany and other European countries will begin in November and the car’s launch in the USA, China and other markets will happen in early 2014.

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