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Range Rover Hybrid Prototypes On The Silk Trail Route To Mumbai

By   |   26 September,2013

The Range Rover has always been known for its combination of luxury and supreme off-road ability and demonstrating just that three Range Rover Hybrid prototypes are driving to 13,035 feet (3,973 metres) above sea level and have already covered a 10,190 kilometres from Solihull to go to Mumbai on the silk trail route.

Three Range Rover Hybrid prototypes have progressed from the hot deserts of Uzbekistan to the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan as the Silk Trail 2013 expedition is poised to enter China.

The fourth week of the expedition saw the starting of the two-month journey in Uzbekistan's capital city Tashkent which has been for centuries a stopping post for Silk Road merchants, missionaries and mercenaries. After that The expedition then entered Kyrgyzstan which is the 11th of the 14 countries on its route.

One of the biggest challenges has been high altitudes and this is where both the car as we as the driver are put to the test. Now the Silk Trail 2013 expedition intend to spend one more night in Kyrgyzstan before crossing the border into China.

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