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Ford India Sales Up 51 percent in September

By   |   01 October,2013

The good times are continuing for Ford as it sold 14,217 vehicles which is the highest ever in its history. Ford India’s domestic wholesales grew by 37 percent with 10,640 units sold this September compared to 7,794 sold last September, another record. Ford India also exported 3,577 vehicles in September, including to new markets like Taiwan.

“Despite prevailing difficult economic conditions, we are excited to see our products finding greater acceptance among customers that is mirrored in our sales,” said Vinay Piparsania, Ford India’s executive director of Marketing, Sales and Service. “Our exciting range of fuel-efficient, reliable and value for money products seems to have struck a chord with our valued customers and we will continue to build on this through the auspicious festive season.”

Adding to the excitement of the Indian festive season lasting from August to November, Ford India announced special offers for Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam in September to its customers. Similar offers during the festive Durga Puja will make it attractive for customers to bring home a Ford. “We, along with our partners, are working hard to optimize deliveries and reduce the waiting time in delivering Ford products to customers, to make the festive season even more special for them,” concluded Piparsania.

Obviously the credit for all this largely goes to the current star- the Ford EcoSport. Ever since its launch it has been on a dream run and currently waiting list runs long and if you are interested in buying an EcoSport you may have to wait. A lot. Demand for the EcoSport has been sky high and despite the recent price increase the EcoSport still is fantastic value and it seems the good times will continue for Ford India.

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