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Hyundai Sonata gets a facelift in the US

By   |   08 October,2013

The Hyundai Sonata has been given a mild facelift in the US- a key market for Hyundai. The Sonata may not have set the sales charts on fire in India but its curvacious styling has had a small band of followers. Back to the facelifted Sonata and the changes include a new grille, alloys, HID headlights, LED tail-lamps and re-designed rear bumper.

On the inside not much has changed but Hyundai had added new features and also improved the NVH levels. The design is still pretty much the same but there is nothing to complain in that too as the interior design is sporty with its numerous cuts and an edgy look to it. Overall the changes are not big but a mild update.

The Sonata that is sold in India gets only a petrol engine and that has been the same case with the Toyota Camry which sort of dents the prospects of a new car performance in the Indian market. Still as we have told you the Sonata has its own admirers due to its look. In India this facelift would add some spark back to the Sonata though this Sonata is on its way out and this is its last update before an all-new model is launched.

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