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Ford Motors Moving Assembly Line Completes 100 Years

By Sunita Devi   |   09 October,2013

Marking the 100th anniversary of Ford’s moving assembly line which was introduced under Henry Ford’s leadership, the company has been building legacy by introducing new technologies and advanced manufacturing capabilities that can revolutionise mass production in future. Ford plans to increase its global flexible manufacturing facilities to produce four models at each plant worldwide by 2017, adapting to changing customer needs and catering to their demands. The company also plans to run three-shift by 2017 to increase productivity by 30%.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford, said: “One hundred years ago, my great-grandfather had a vision to build safe and efficient transportation for everyone.” And further he added, “I am proud he was able to bring the freedom of mobility to millions by making cars affordable to families and that his vision of serving people still drives everything we do today.”

Ford Motors today builds vehicles on 15 platforms which will be reduced to 9 core platforms by the year 2017, boosting manufacturing efficiency, fuel efficiency, giving customers the features and technology they want anywhere in the world. The auto maker’s recent expansions in global manufacturing enable it to produce 6 million vehicles in 2013, which are 16 vehicles in 1 minute worldwide. And by 2015, Ford plans to open its facilities in 15 different locations around the world.

Ford cars have been a viable mode of personal mobility for customers for more than 100 years now and with its plans to expand its vehicles reach worldwide, the auto maker is sure to become popular vehicle manufacturer worldwide.

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