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Tata Motors global wholesales at 87,316 in September 2013

By   |   15 October,2013

The September sales figures of India’s largest automotive firm, Tata Motors, are in. The group’s global wholesales figure, which includes those of Jaguar Land Rover, stands at 87,316 for the month of September. Cumulative wholesales for the entire fiscal is 5,03,887 units.

The passenger vehicle wholesales number of the group for September were 49,267 and for the fiscal period, the cumulative sales of passenger vehicles stood at 2,66,680 units. The global wholesales and cumulative fiscal wholesales of passenger vehicles of Tata alone were 13,393 units and 74,129 units respectively.

Global wholesales of the commercial vehicle range which comprises of Tata, Tata Daewoo and Tata Hispano Carrocera were 38,049 units and the cumulative wholesales for the fiscal of the same were 2,37,207 units.

The Tata-owned British automotive firm, Jaguar Land Rover, showed a global wholesales figure of 35,874 vehicles during the month of September. Out of this number, the global wholesales of Jaguar cars were 6,438 vehicles and the remaining 29,436 vehicles were Land Rovers. The cumulative wholesales figures for the fiscal period were 37,411 vehicles for Jaguar and 1,55,140 vehicles for Land Rover. That pegs the global wholesales figure of Jaguar Land Rover for the entire fiscal at 1,92,551 vehicles.

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