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Renault Duster Detour Concept Revealed

By   |   16 October,2013

Meet the Renault Duster Detour which has just been revealed at the Johannesburg International Motor Show. On first impression the Duster Detour looks rugged and adds a whole lot of attitude to the Duster. This is a concept with no plans for a production version though we think a special edition having limited numbers being built will not harm anyone right? Renault says that they will take a call and gauge the reaction to it which there is a chance.

The Duster Detour gets a splash of orange along with matt black and we think it looks really cool. Though what also helps matters here are the massive black 18 inch wheels. The Duster Detour gets a meaner face with a new grille, re-designed headlights having day time running lights and a nudge bar. Move to the rear and you get double exhausts, black LED tail-lamps and a rear spoiler.

Our favourite bit has to be the paint job and the wheels which just lends so much aggression to the Duster. Sadly the Duster Detour is just a 'design study' which means there are slim chances of it making to production. Though it certainly gives a lot of ideas to customise your Duster, what say?

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