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BMW Reveals 2 Series Coupe

By   |   25 October,2013

Well there you go it is finally here, the new 2 Series Coupe from BMW. This is the new compact BMW Coupe and will be replacing the 1 Series coupe. Plus as you know from the BMW 4 Series, there is a new naming system for coupe/cabrio versions of BMW sedans plus it is the modern day successor to the BMW 02 range. The 2 Series does look more grown up and looks matured with a better stance and yes better looking headlights too! It is a proper good looking car with a low-slung silhouette, a long bonnet, doors with frameless windows.

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe measures 4,432 millimetres in length which is 108 millimetres longer than the BMW 1 Series and 72 millimetres longer than the outgoing BMW 1 Series Coupe. The new compact Coupe is also 26 millimetres wider than its predecessor (at 1,774 millimetres), and has a 30-millimetre longer wheelbase (2,690 millimetres) and wider tracks.

At the same time the vehicle height has been lowered by 5 millimetres to 1,418 millimetres. The result is an increase in interior space and 20 litres of extra boot capacity (now 390 litres).

The interior is typical BMW fashion is sporty and dripping in quality. When it comes to engine options the 2 Series Coupe has 184 hp four-cylinder engine in the BMW 220i Coupe and a 326 hp six-cylinder in-line engine with the BMW M235i Coupe pictured above.

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