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Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013 ——— A Preview

By   |   25 October,2013

The third Indian Grand Prix is scheduled to be held day after tomorrow, 27th of October, at the Buddh International circuit just outside New Delhi. After some hicupps the race will go on as planned as earlier there was a petition today that wanted to cancel this weekend’s race due to dispute regarding taxes.

Now let us talk about the Buddh International circuit which is a 5.125 km racetrack created by the legendary F1 track designer, Hermann Tilke. Race drivers will experience face-bending lateral forces of up to 4Gs during fast turns and chicanes during the 60 lap race. The racers will be driving their cars around the track at average speeds of around 210 kph and the cars will be nudging the 320 kph mark during the race, making this circuit one of the fastest in the F1 calendar today.

The race this year might end up being even more special as the kid from the Fatherland, Sebastian Vettel, is poised for his jaw-dropping 4th F1 world champion title. All he needs is to finish the race in the top 5 of the board to lift the championship trophy. It will not matter even if Spaniard Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, currently number 2 in the drivers’ standings, wins the race.

Vettel also has all the chances of winning the race this weekend as he was the winner, the lap record holder, the pole position holder and incredibly, even the leader of every single lap ever raced on the Buddh International circuit over the past 2 years. You might want to rub your eyes and read that line once again!

We should enjoy this race as the 2014 race has already been scrubbed in favour of an early race in 2015. Formula 1 enthusiasts in India should be praying to every deity they know so that this race will not be the last time F1 comes to India.

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