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Suzuki Declares Exhibits for Tokyo Motor Show 2013

By   |   29 October,2013

The 43rd instalment of the famous Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled to be held from November 23rd to December 1st, 2013 and Suzuki Motor Corporation, a stalwart in the Japanese automotive industry, has announced the vehicles it will display at the auto show.

The main 4 wheeler exhibits of Suzuki are listed below:

The Crosshiker, a compact crossover vehicle that features dynamic weight reduction and a very efficient powertrain.

The X-Lander, a hybrid 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The Hustler and Hustler Coupe, crossover vehicles with ample SUV design characteristics.

The iV-4, a compact SUV that looks very rugged and sporty and also gets Suzuki’s new ALLGRIP 4 wheel drive system.

Apart from these vehicles, Suzuki will also be displaying electric vehicles and a selection of its motorcycle fleet. The Suzuki booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will have an S-shaped border to symbolise lightness and softness. An ultra-wide panoramic screen measuring 40m across will be set at the back of the stage to stream introduction videos of their concept cars. The theme Suzuki has selected for their stall at the Show is “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”. The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the most anticipated and among the largest auto expos in the world, and it is held biennially.

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