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Datsun Go Launch Imminent

By   |   29 October,2013

Nissan has resurrected the Datsun name over three decades after it vanished with an objective of enlarging its network in developing countries. Datsun’s first ever entry into India is the Go hatchback, which was unveiled earlier in the year. The vehicle is poised for an early 2014 launch and has already been spotted doing test runs near the Nissan facility on the outskirts of Chennai.

The Go will be built on the same platform as the Nissan Micra and these two cars will share a lot of bits and bobs to keep the costs down. The motor powering the Datsun Go will be the same 1.2 litre petrol engine that does the job in the Micra but it will most probably be de-tuned so as to increase its fuel efficiency, which will be one of the key aspects of the car for its potential customers. The power will be channelled through a 5 speed manual transmission.

Features include a mobile docking station into passengers can connect their devices and play the songs from the device memory instead of having a traditional stereo system in the car.

The gear lever and emergency brake are mounted below the centre console which frees up space for an extra passenger, although that might be preferable for shorter journeys. The biggest trump card the Go has is its price, which reportedly starts from below Rs. 4 lakhs and Datsun will be banking hard on all these factors to ensure the success of their new hatchback in India.

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